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When I started thinking about sharing my number one tip for choosing an appropriate wall art size, I knew I couldn’t do it justice without first sharing the number one mistake I see clients make: going too small for the wall.

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Yes, that’s right. I said it.

Two Challenges in Choosing Wall Art Sizes

Prior to clients truly understanding what the appropriate size for their wall is, most will say, “Oh, I just need something small.”

Although this initial thought is common, there are two challenges in settling for small.

The first is that “something small” is interpreted differently by everyone; what appears small to one person may feel overwhelmingly large to another. The second, and perhaps the most important one, is that clients don’t always consider or have the resources to visualize if “something small” is actually appropriate for a particular space.

Depending on the finish, I offer six different sizes of signature wall art: mini, small, standard, grand, impact and showcase. They range in size from 14″ and smaller all the way up to 40″ on the long side.

Let’s look at the top example below. Which size looks appropriate in proportion to the room, the table, and its décor? It’s likely neither of those two on the right, correct? But would it surprise you to know that the second frame from the right, also pictured in the bottom center mock-up, is actually what’s listed in my product and design guide as a small size?

And the littlest one? That’s a mini. If you’re like most clients, I bet you’re suddenly having that lightbulb moment of, Oh, wow…something small really is too small!

various signature wall art sizes shown above an entryway table

When we move that mini size down to where it belongs, which is not by itself on a wall of this size but rather on a tabletop as shown in the bottom left example, we’re left with a piece perfectly sized for this wall: an impact size, pictured in the bottom right mock-up. Alone, it will do just as its name suggests and make an impact. Voila! Now we’re talking!

Visualizing the Appropriate Size for Your Space

The ability to show your images on your Walls in a variety of sizes and finishes are just one way that you can make the best decision on what will be an appropriately sized wall art piece for your space. Your private client portal, made available to you when you book your session, allows you to quickly and conveniently upload and send your room photos to me so that I can create the most accurately calibrated mockup of your room with potential artwork.

To make this even easier for you, your client welcome package includes a ready-to-hang card that you can stick to all walls where you’re considering signature wall art and simply snap a photo of each, ensuring that this card is visible. From there, I can take the exact measurements of this card to produce a detailed calibration of each room and recommend true-to-life sized signature wall art pieces.

room mock-ups made in Swift Galleries with an instruction on how to hang the paper template

Eliminate the Uncertainty

So why do some clients head into their ordering appointments still thinking small? For many, it’s due to the uncertainty and risk that comes with potentially investing in the wrong size.

Will this size be too large for the specific image I’ve chosen?

What if it overpowers the space or doesn’t fit?

This is a significant investment to make if I don’t love the size!

This isn’t our forever home. What if we go too big and it doesn’t look right when we eventually move on?

It’s completely normal to feel these uncertainties. Numerous clients have felt these very worries leading up to their ordering appointment, but using my specific and customized approaches to determining the ideal wall art size for their home, they’ve found that being able to actually envision a certain size on their walls eliminates these uncertainties. Some have even found themselves saying, “Oh, I love it! Let’s go even bigger!”

My Number One Tip For Choosing the Appropriate Wall Art Size for Your Pet’s Portraits

Ask any of my past clients and they’re sure to agree with my number one tip: go big or go home…or at least go larger than you think you need.

Most rooms, even those in smaller apartments with narrower wall spaces or in Pittsburgh’s older homes with their winding, intricate floor plans, can easily accommodate a standard, grand, or impact size. The secret lies in creating balance. The overall size of your room, the amount of furniture you have, and even the height of your ceilings all influence how large you need to go for your wall art to look balanced.

As a Certified Printmaker, your photographer, and your design consultant, you can rest assured knowing that I’ll not only help you find the most appropriate size for your space, I’ll also recommend a print medium, frame style, and crop to create a truly unique piece that’s perfect for your home.

You don’t have to go at this wall art thing alone; I can help every step of the way, from choosing your portraits and the perfect finishes to selecting the spaces where they’ll be guaranteed to bring you smiles day after day! Choose your adventure below to begin.

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