No More Home Sweet Home: Why I Dropped Backyard and In-Home Sessions – Bark & ​​Gold Photography

You may have heard the cliché “fence-sitting gets you splinters.”

Well, there I was, straddling that darn fence desperately trying to keep those pesky splinters from invading my you-know-what, fully knowing in my gut that it was time to make

Brutus + Peanut | Detroit Michigan Pet Photography | Kat Ku | Modern Dog and Cat Photos. Ann Arbor| Detroit | Chicago| NYC

I first photographed Brutus as a 9 month old puppy back in 2017, so you can imagine my delight when Erin contacted me to do another photoshoot with him– but this time, along with two new family members! Between 2017

A Calendar Contest Session with Water-Loving Pit Bulls at Beaver County’s Brady’s Run Park – Bark & ​​Gold Photography

It started with two sweet calendar contest submission photos and equally heartstrings-pulling backstories. Where it took us was Brady’s Run Park for a late August celebration of these water-loving pit bulls raising money toward a goal of “saving one bully

The Number One Mistake You’re Making When Choosing Your Pet’s Signature Wall Art – Bark & ​​Gold Photography

When I started thinking about sharing my number one tip for choosing an appropriate wall art size, I knew I couldn’t do it justice without first sharing the number one mistake I see clients make: going too small for the