The Most Splash-Worthy Lakes Near Pittsburgh to Take Your Dog Swimming – Bark & ​​Gold Photography

“Water” you doing this weekend? If it’s seeking out the best local lakes in western Pennsylvania, I’ve got you covered with the most splash-worthy lakes near Pittsburgh to take your dog swimming.

Brady’s Run Lake

I’ve got to kick this

No More Home Sweet Home: Why I Dropped Backyard and In-Home Sessions – Bark & ​​Gold Photography

You may have heard the cliché “fence-sitting gets you splinters.”

Well, there I was, straddling that darn fence desperately trying to keep those pesky splinters from invading my you-know-what, fully knowing in my gut that it was time to make

5 Essential Tips to Prepare for Your Puppy’s First Professional Pet Photography Session – Bark & ​​Gold Photography

Welcome home to your new puppy is a special and heartwarming experience. You watch her grow and change so quickly in those first few weeks and months, so it’s only natural that you’re feeling the urge to slow down time