Misty day Dog Photography, Portable Studios and Wasted Energy

Jamie Emerson runs Hairy Dog Photography in the North East of England covering Durham, Newcastle, Darlington, Northumberland and beyond. Bespoke pet photographer, specializing in outdoor, lifestyle portraiture.

Almost every time I step out for a dog walk…

…I’ll have a camera of some kind with me. Sometimes I’ll also have high hopes of a decent photograph but usually it’s purely a force of habit. Today looked ‘interesting’ outside – huge rolling fog banks drifting through hollows, causing trees to suddenly loom up before being immediately wreathed in mist again.

So rather than the usual point and shoot, or small DSLR with one small, prime lens, I hefted one of the big cameras into my rucksack along with the monstrous 70-200mm lens. A weighty combo. I’m sure that most of us have gone for a walk with a camera, only to return home without the blooming thing leaving its bag. Well, I do that a lot, so if I have the ‘Big Guns’ with me, I pretty much force myself to take at least one photo.And yes, it was pretty much a waste of effort – what should have been a set of beautiful, ghostly, ethereal photos was in reality, some photos of greyness with hints of trees…

Photo of a misty Durham landscape by Jamie Emerson of Hairy Dog

Pet photographer Jamie Emerson walks through a misty Durham field

Newbottle Church in heavy mist by Jamie Emerson

In light of the lack of visible subject matter, I reverted to my default setting of dog photographer and got one passable shot of Kasper in the woods, where the fog was less thick. So at least carrying the big camera for a few miles wasn’t a complete waste of effort!

Dog photographer Jamie Emerson of Hairy Dog

In other news, I recently visited Charlie the Spaniel in Byker, Newcastle for an indoor pet portrait photography session. My portable studio squeezes into surprisingly small spaces and although I do specialize in outdoor, lifestyle portrait work, I’m equally at home in a studio and always relish the chance to get creative with the lighting. Charlie and his people behaved admirably throughout – you can see his full gallery here on the hairy dog ​​website.

bespoke dog photography in north east by hairy dog

If you’d like to book your dog in for a session, please feel free to pop over to the main Hairy Dog website to learn more or get in touch using the hairy dog ​​contact page.

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