Husky dog ​​photoshoot in Middlesbrough by Hairy Dog Photography

Today found me in Middlesbrough taking photographs of Bruce the Husky. Dog portrait sessions quite often end up with other family members involved and today was no exception. They all said it; “Kids and animals son, just say no!”. But I didn’t heed the advice and shooting dogs and children is just huge amounts of chaotic fun! You can see Bruce’s full gallery, along with other dog photo sessions HERE, in the Hairy Dog Photo gallery.

Photo of a husky with Christmas novelty toy.

First up is a Christmassy type of portrait – I have to admit that I pulled Santa’s foot off whilst playing with Bruce. Sorry Santa. And sorry Joanne for ruining Bruce’s new toy (not that he seemed to care very much).

Husky profile, Middlesbrough

What a very handsome chap he is! I’m so used to seeing the larger Alaskan Malamutes when out walking my dog ​​Kasper, that I was surprised to see how slender and svelte Bruce the Husky is.

Husky dog ​​about to howl, North East

I was really, really hoping I’d hear a full on Husky howling session but the photo above is about as close as he came. I even encouraged him by doing a spot of howling myself when I thought his owner was distracted by the kids, but to no avail…

Photo of a Husky dog ​​standing, by Hairy Dog Photography

Bruce’s owner had requested an all white background. The portable studio takes about 15 minutes to set up, even in a room full of dogs and kids! 2012 might see me buying a new white backdrop though – the current one has had every type of half-chewed dog biscuit imaginable dropped onto it this year!

Lolcat Husky dog ​​photoshoot by Jamie Emerson

The lolcat shot ^^^ 🙂 “Don’t want!”.

Dog photo, unusual angle, NE dog portraits

dude. Buy some Colgate!

Husky looking like a wolf against a white backdrop

Not so far from Canis Lupus, but Bruce was a perfect gentleman throughout – he’s incredibly good natured and endured the photoshoot with nary a complaint. The Good Boy Chocco drops probably helped there.

If you, your dog, your family or all three would like a Hairy Dog Photography photoshoot, why not get in touch to arrange a shoot? There’s still plenty of time to get prints made for Christmas if you’re quick! Or if you’re stuck for a dog-owning friend’s present, then how about a dog photography gift voucher?

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