Veterinary Clinic’s Resident Cat Has a Total Field Day with Candy Dish Meant for Customers

Animal lovers love nothing more than when a store or a veterinary clinic has a resident pet, and the cat at this vet clinic has stolen our hearts with how they act with a bowl of candy the clinic has set out for its customers.

Watch the following hilarious video posted by @Lizzie7488 of the clinic cat having some very sweet fun.

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This is a perfect example of ‘If I fits, I sits.” TikTok users can’t get enough of this hilarious video and @TaPhoto says, “so…. it’s usually take one right? I choose the fluffy one.” @KS hilariously inquires, “But why did you put the mints in his nap bowl?” Yup, that is the cat’s nap bowl! @Dog replies, “Her name would be Peppermint.” @Local suggests , “He’s just trying to help you rotate your stock.” @Sessy says, “My cat loves mint things! Always getting into my purse for my gum.” @Romero adds, “My cat really likes the way plastic feels so he rubs all over bags etc.”

That’s true, a lot of cats adore nothing more than the sound and feel of crinkly bags, and a lot of cats like the smell of mint because it contains Nepetalactone mimicking compounds, the active ingredient in Catnip. Peppermint oil is concentrated so it should always be kept away from cats, but considering these candies are wrapped and the cat is at a cat clinic we aren’t too concerned!

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